B.One Hub Elite

B.One hub elite


While the standard B.One Hub is suitable for most homes, you might consider the B.One Hub Elite for the additional features. It is also a great option for businesses!

Product specifications:

  • Supports: GSM or GPRS, Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz),  BLE, Zigbee, Z-wave, IR Receiver and IR blasters
  • 24 hours’ battery backup
  • Military standard 256-bit AES encryption with advanced built-in firewalls for enhanced security
  • Dedicated chipsets making it the fastest home automation hub available on the market, and enhanced user experience
  • Wi-Fi to infrared converter for universal remote control
  • B.One Hub has a built-in Media Manager to connect to wireless speakers, e.g. Sonos
  • The Self- Learning feature using proprietary algorithms makes B.One Hub unique.

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