Top 5 Benefits Of Smart Homes

5 benefits you most likely didn’t know about smart homes

The idea of an automated smart home is likely something you have been avoiding for some time now. You may find it too “technical”, “expensive” or “unnecessary”. But think again, your perception of owning a smart home may totally be wrong! Smart home technologies have changed the way consumers manage energy as well as their finances at home or office. They are an excellent blend of comfort and savings. Automated homes are turning smarter than ever before and making lives more and more comfortable.
There are umpteen benefits to upgrading to a smart home. Let’s look at some.

1. Less money, more “resource-efficient”

Smart Home Automation

Unlike the common perception, smart homes actually turnout economical with up to 30-40% more savings on energy. They ensure that the home or office systems function optimally, thus benefiting both, the environment and your pockets. Especially in the functioning of heating and cooling systems at home, smart homes technology has proven to be a gift! It avoids wastage of energy by adjusting the set temperature depending on a number of factors like weather, time of the day, date, etc.

A correctly set up smart home system can deliver the best through also associating related activities and performing them simultaneously with just one command. Like, you may only be turning your air conditioner on but that signal triggers drawing in of curtains, shutting of windows, etc; basically minimizing energy loss in every way.

2. Peace and security

B One Smart Secure

Smart homes are equipped with smart surveillance systems that can put you at ease even when you are far from home. Left your door open in a hurry? Wondering how the kids are doing back home? Smart homes are designed to put your worries at rest and control what is going on back home through your smartphone. You can lock/ unlock your home while sitting at the office. You can be alerted when someone arrives at your home or tries to enter and take necessary actions immediately.

One of the greatest benefits of smart home systems is that you can keep your loved ones secure and feel safe at home. Security cameras, smart door locks, an audio-visual system to interact with visitors and alarms for security breaches are all features of smart homes that cannot be compared with normal homes.

3. Saves time and effort

Save time and effort

The world is a busier place today. Most people are constantly on the move due to work or other responsibilities. The list of tasks to accomplish in a day is endless. If not all, smart homes at least take care of everything back home so you never have to worry about having forgotten something important. You can practically run your home while at work through your phone. Intelligent home control hubs like B.One Hub that connects to most appliances creating a network where appliances can ‘talk’ to each other, make home management a cake walk.

You can run the washing machine, cook food, close the blinds and turn on the heater/air conditioner, open the door to your children and keep an eye on them (the list goes on); all while being away from home. Smart homes let you save precious time, increase your productivity and let you rest when back home.

4. Saves energy

Smart Home Automation

Did you know that a significant part of your energy bills is also made up by electronic appliances that are on standby or power ‘on’ mode? Smart home technology is a green technology that works by minimizing energy wastage and achieving greater energy efficiency, thus saving the environment. Smart home devices actively control all appliances, turning them off when not in use. Smart homes improve energy efficiency in the heating/ cooling of homes vastly by their optimal use. There is no waste of energy on lights left on or entertainment systems not powered off. You can not only set for these activities to take place on their own, but also control your appliances when you are half a globe away.

5. Assisted care

Assisted Care

One of the most underrated yet the most important benefit of smart homes is in assisted care of your loved ones who are in need. Caring for old parents or loved ones with disabilities or young children has become extremely comfortable with the advent of smart home technology. Smart homes allow you to keep an eye on aging parents, perform their daily chores for them like looking who’s at the door, locking/ unlocking of doors, switching lights and other appliances on/off, turning off the gas stove, reminding them of their medicines and even heating a meal for them using smart kitchen appliances or brewing tea/coffee.

Smart homes mainly allow aging parents or the disabled to feel independent, confident and take care of themselves and their chores. They also let you take better care of them even when you are miles away.

The biggest benefit of owning a smart home is the peace of mind. Intelligent systems allow the user to manage their energy bills better, make less wastage, efficiently run their home and make life extremely comfortable.