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Latest Update: Open API for Integrators

We've released Open API for B.One Eazy Hub. With B.One OpenAPI, developers can create their own unique functionality & solutions around the B.One Eazy Hub.

For more details about our APIs, please visit here.

Never worry about forgetting to switch off your AC or lights.

Home is where your comfort lies.
Don’t let old technology ruin it

With B.One Eazy, you can monitor and manage your entertainment, comfort, efficiency, and security - all from one place.

It has in-built temperature and light sensors which can connect with more than 200,000+ home devices. It features award-winning and patent-pending 'Action Framework', which simplifies multi-device control experience.

It pairs seamlessly with all IR devices and supported WiFi devices to create a wholesome smart home automation experience.

B.One Eazy: Makes life easy.

All your home entertainment with a single tap

Control your TVs and Speakers without reaching out for a remote. With B.One Eazy, you can pair with smart TVs or connect with any IR remotes, and carry out multiple actions with a single command.

Turn your TV 'ON', change channels, and control volume with a single voice command like “Alexa, play my favourite channel”.

Save on Energy Costs

Control your home appliances using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms that optimise your energy consumption. B.One Eazy allows you to utilise its in-built sensors and connect with various external smart sensors, to sense your home environment and accordingly trigger various actions.

You can switch 'ON' your living room lights when it gets dark or at a particular time. You can use thermostats to control your room temperature without having to switch ON/OFF your Aircon manually. Or, automatically switch OFF all your home appliances when you leave home.

Secure your Home

Monitor your home from anywhere using smart wifi cameras and sensors. B.One Eazy can connect with various security cameras and sensors to enhance your home safety. With B.One app you can put your home into a high-security alert mode with a single command or tap from anywhere.

You can detect the presence of intruders at home when you are away and trigger alarms. Or, get notified when your kids have returned from their schools. You can connect with various sensors such as motion sensors, flood sensors, door/window sensors and cams to create a robust security system for your home.

Live with Comfort

B.One Eazy can automatically switch 'ON' and 'OFF' your home appliances based on your comfort and create a better smart home automation experience. You can just relax and spend quality time with your friends and family.

You can create commands for carrying your repeated tasks such as switching the lights 'OFF', opening your window blinds, and heating or cooling your rooms. All these mundane tasks can be carried out with ease through voice commands like “Ok Google, I am Home.”, or “Alexa, Goodnight”.

Manage and Control your Home from anywhere anytime!

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Introducing B.One Eazy

Every day you control your home appliances, without realising how much energy is being consumed by them. And, when you are not controlling them, you are troubled by the thought of having forgotten to switch 'OFF' your AC, heater or lights.

B.One Eazy can help you monitor all your devices and their energy consumption. In addition, it provides a unique experience of controlling them through a smartphone app or voice interfaces like Alexa and Google Home.

With the set of right smart devices, it can help you monitor all your energy consumptions and have bird's eye view on the status of your home appliances.

Comprehensive smart home automation solution,
so that you can live smarter and better.

B.One Eazy

Specialised Smart Hub

Cheap IR Controller


In-built IR Training Module

WiFi Devices

Google Home / Amazon Alexa

(Facebook and LINE Chat)

Advance Features

Rule execution
function based on
position information

Ability to schedule and trigger actions

AI automatically adjust temperature and illuminance

Smart Energy Management


Temperature Sensor


Customer Support



$150 - $200

$25 - $30

Let’s Build a Smart Home Together!

Product Features

Sequence and Trigger : Tips for better home automation

Home automation is more than simply switching your devices ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ through a mobile app. It is about making your home anticipate your needs.

When you return home after a long day at work, you just want to relax.

B.One Eazy can be set up to trigger a sequence of actions like switching ON the AC, playing your favourite channel or music, and dimming the lights. So when you reach home everything is just right for you.

Syncs With TM

Supports any home appliances with a IR remote control

How it works

B.One Eazy

Smart Universal Home Controller