B.One Hub

The most advanced, powerful and Intuitive Smart Home System that allows total control of your Security, Energy, Ambience and Entertainment from a Single Hub and a Single APP.

B.One Hub incorporates state-of-the-art hardware architecture with near Real Time Performance to make it the fastest and first one of its kind Edge Computing IOT platform in the market.

B.One’s ecosystem consists of its own devices and other standard brands of sensors and controls. Your home truly isn’t smart until it can ‘speak’ to a broad variety of devices.

Your home is your comfort zone and B.One gives you the option of adding that touch of convenience and security to your own personal space.


Features of B.One Hub:

  • Arm and monitor your Smart Home from anywhere and feel secure. Built for Security, B.One hub is built on Military Grade Encryption platform with its own battery backup of over 8 hours. It is always ON and always Connected.
  • B.One allows you to manage and control all your energy devices using one single App. Know what devices are consuming how much power and make your environment energy efficient.
  • B.One Hub monitors your Smart Home Thermostats, Humidity, CO and Smoke Sensors. B.One Hub has an on board Infrared Remote Chip with which you can manage all your IR remote controlled devices from one App.
  • Configure Actions in real time to suit your lifestyle. ‘Actions’ can save your time in performing daily chores. Perform all your activities with the click of a single button.
  • The B.One VoiceAct can be added to the Alexa or Google Home App and devices connected to the B.One Hub can be controlled directly via voice commands issued to Alexa and Google Home devices. 1For more information please visit Syncs WithTM

Introducing B.One Hub

Technical Details

Power supply 5V DC, 1.2A
Operating conditions 0~40oC, 0%~90% RH
Supported protocol Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, BLE, Zigbee & IR
Z-Wave radio frequency 868.42MHz (EU) 908.42MHz (US) 921.42 MHz (ANZ)
Supported protocol Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, BLE, Zigbee & IR
Battery Backup More than 8 hours