Smart thermostat

Control your home’s heating/ cooling system from anywhere in the world with the B.One hub.

Smart thermostats allow setting the optimum temperature for your home depending on the temperature outside and lets you create temperature schedules as per your need.

Save on energy expenditure by heating your home efficiently. B.One hub easily connects to some of the most popular smart thermostats like ecoBee, Honeywell Thermostat, Polywire and Nest.

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  • Control, monitor and automate your air conditioner and heater
  • Save energy with optimized heating and cooling
  • Compatible with popular smart thermostats to make your air conditioner smart
  • Set up several heating/cooling schedules depending on the climate and weather
  • Automatic control of ACs and heaters with just a click of a button
AC Control

Smart A/C controllers

Manage energy at home better with B.One smart A/C controller.

Save up to 40% on your energy bills by using smart assistance from B.One A/C controller. Control your A/C switches via B.One app remotely and create smart schedules depending on the climate.

Get optimal cooling of the home depending on temperatures outside and prevent energy wastage. B.One A/C controller enables voice control of not just the A/Cs but also accessories like curtains, blinds and others home appliances.

Come home to warmth and comfort

Turn on the heating during the commute from office so that by the time you arrive home, the weather is just perfect.

Enjoy your peace of mind, anywhere.

Control your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime. Save more energy and make sure the temperature is just right for you.

Be in control of your ambience

Define customised schedules of your thermostat and put your weather control in autopilot. Experience automatic turning OFF of A/Cs, warming or cooling as per climate and return to pre-warmed home as you get back from office.