B.One Hub Support Centre

For technical support please email us at support@b1hub.com.au

B.One Eazy is an universal remote and automation Gateway that allows total control of all your Infrared (IR) controllable devices and few Wi-Fi enabled smart home devices through a simple and easy to use mobile app.

Yes. Please keep B.One Eazy always connected to the power source.

B.One needs a bandwidth of at least 500Kbps for proper working without latencies. Lower bandwidths can cause slower execution and frequent restart of the Hub.

For optimum connectivity, please check your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or router manufacturer for assistance with checking Firewall settings and ensuring the following ports are open.

Internal Network Traffic

TCP/HTTPS 443 for data traffic.

TCP/MQTT 1885 for data traffic.

Outbound Traffic to the Internet.

TCP/HTTPS 443 for data traffic.

TCP/MQTT 1885 for data traffic.

Make sure the router is configured with the below Wireless Security Version.




B.One Eazy supports: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (Does not work with 5 GHz) and IR (Infrared)

Below are the IR Remotes that can be configured in B.One Eazy.


Air Conditioner

Audio Amplifier

Disc/DVD Player

Media Box


Satellite Receiver/DTH/Cable

Sound Bar

Any customizable remote.

We are currently working to bring IFTTT features. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive the updates.

No, B.One Eazy does not support RF devices or remotes.

Yes. B.One Eazy uses a back-end cloud server.

The cloud stores data of paired devices, most recent state of the devices, command and action logs and non-sensitive user data.

(Note: Sensitive information like passwords of user’s Wi-Fi Access point is NOT stored)

1 to 2 MB per day and up to 100 MB per month.

No, the B.One App works only in portrait mode.

All the devices can be part of Actions.

We recommend placing the B.One Eazy within 30 feet away from your home Wi-Fi Router. If there are many walls between your Wi-Fi Router and B.One Eazy, move it closer to the router.

If you receive incorrect, defective or faulty goods, please contact within 7 days of receipt and we will arrange exchange, credit or refund depending on availability. We will be pleased to consider exchange, credit or refund, at our discretion. Any refund will be made using your original payment method or another method at our discretion.

To claim a refund, exchange, credit or for further information please send an email to support@b1hub.com.au

Yes. We’ve partnered with Amazon Alexa so you can use your voice to control smart products around your home.

We are working on integration with SmartThings platform. This will be available soon.

Please go to Settings at the bottom-right corner and tap on FAQ & Inquiry.

Contact our support team at support@b1hub.com.au

IR Devices: Most brands of Air Conditioners, Televisions and other A/V devices.

Wi-Fi Devices: Phlips Hue Lights, Lifx Lights, Nest (Beta), Honeywell and ecobee Thermostats and Beseye Camera.

Smart Speakers: Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

ChatBots: Line and Facebook Messengers.

Please visit Syncs WithTM for the list of B.One Eazy supported Wi-Fi devices.

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For technical support please email us at support@b1hub.com.au

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