Smart & Assisted Living with B.One Hub & B.One Eazy

Assisted Living

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Reliability + Simplicity

Home automation for elderly and people who need assistance requires good planning and care.

The solution offered must not only be simple to operate and manage, but also be affordable.

We bring years of experience and leadership in the smart home space to create the best smart home for assisted living.

We have participated with Global Centre for Modern Ageing to create a model smart home solution for ageing population. Read about the entire workshop here

Smart Lighting Controls

  • Using B.One Hub, you can control the lights of your rooms using smart phone app or voice control.
  • You can setup motion sensors and illuminance sensors to control the lighting automatically without having to worry about switching them manually.
  • Smart colourful bulbs and LED strips can be used to remind elderly people about their medications.

Home Security

  • Using motion sensors, cameras, door sensors, flood sensors and locks, B.One Hub allows you to monitor your elderly parent’s motion and get alerts in your mobile phone.
  • With B.One Hub , you can ensure that gas is switched OFF, taps are not overflowing and your elderly parents are safe.

Climate Control and Home Automation

  • B.One Hub allows you to control AC of your home from anywhere in the world. This means you can easily create high level of comfort for your elderly parents from anywhere.
  • Using B.One Hub, you can create a routine which will automatically switch devices ON/OFF based on sensor data or schedule defined by you. Hence, when your elderly parents wake up in the morning, everything is already set up - blinds are up, AC is switched ON if the temperature is high, and TV is turned ON to their favourite morning show.