Wireless Home Security System

Secure your home with wireless security cameras and smart doors/windows sensors.

Find out how a B.One Home Security System can help protect your home and family.

Home Security System

The B.One Hub home security system can offer you and your family peace of mind. Built with cutting-edge IoT technology, it monitors your home and sends real-time notifications on your smartphone. In addition, the system allows you to control your home appliances from your phone providing an extra layer of comfort and convenience.

We offer an affordable wireless home security system, including installation and support.

B.One Security Mobile App

B.One home secuirty system and home automation solutions give you instant notifications and remote control for your home.

    Key Features:
  • Set your home to ARM, DISARM or IN-House Mode
  • Connect with multiple smart sensors like Door/Window Sensors, Smoke Detectors, Cameras etc
  • Automatically pull down your window blinds and shutter using a mobile app.

Window/Door Sensors

Have you left your windows open? Did you close your back door?

B.One’s window/door sensors are simple and intelligent smart devices that can monitor doors, windows, kitchen cupboards and many more.

Based on Z-wave technology, they are energy efficient and the battery lasts for years. They are easy to install and replace. Using multiple sensors at your home, you can know the status of your home from anywhere in the world.

Motion Sensors

With a range of 6m and 120-degree view, B.One’s motion sensor can detect motion in your home. It can be placed anywhere in your room - on tables or on ceilings. It is a perfect device for an intelligent home security system.

Combined with B.One home security system, you can get real-time notifications when someone enters or leaves the room. You can also use the sensor to activate home appliances like room lights and aircon/heater.

Wireless Sirens

Home security system is incomplete with sirens. B.One Hub system can connect with wireless sirens like Dome Siren, Aeon Labs Siren etc. You can trigger the alarms when someone opens the doors or windows when your home is in ARM mode.

In the event of an emergency or something, you need to be notified of, these sirens can be used as an extra speaker for other smart sensors including Z-Wave smoke and leak detectors.

Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras are getting popular these days from being used as 24/7 monitoring or access control system. Many wireless cameras are engineered with AI, for complex image analysis, motion detection and facial recognition.

B.One Hub systems can support wireless cameras like Beseye Pro and Nest Cam. With the system, you can get real-time notifications and look after your home and family when you’re away.

Smart Sensors

In addition to smart sensors mentioned above, B.One Hub supports many Z-wave sensors to secure your home and protect your loved one.

    Some of these sensors are:
  • Smoke/CO Sensors
  • Water Sensors
  • Universal Sensor

In addition to being used for a home security system, B.One’s home security system can be used for assisted living and elder care.

Find out how a B.One Home Security System can help protect your home and family.