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Smart Lighting: B.One Hub is a retrofit solution which can convert your existing downlights into a fully functioning smart lighting. It will allow you to control your home lighting using a smartphone or smart speakers(Amazon Alexa/Google Home) from anywhere.

Smart Blinds and Shutters: Similar to smart lightings, B.One Hub devices and smart relays can be used to make your blinds and shutters smart. You can open and close blinds using a mobile app from anywhere. You can also schedule your actions so that your blinds automatically open in the morning and close at night.

Comfort and Entertainment Control: B.One Hub can help you manage smart home thermostats, humidity sensors, CO sensors, smoke sensors, airconditioner IR remotes and entertainment IR remotes (TV, speakers etc) from a single mobile app.

Wireless Security: Using smart sensors like door sensors, motion sensors, sirens and cameras you can create a robust wireless security system. The system can send you real-time notifications about activities in your home or trigger alarms.

Energy Management: Measure energy consumption and production in your home in real-time and control your home appliances to optimise the energy utilisation. B.One allows you to manage and control all your energy devices using one single app.

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