Top 10 Gift Ideas for Christmas for Smart Homeowners


Christmas is all about family, gifts, love, and celebration! And like many, you might be fretting over last minute preps and more importantly, gift shopping. Lately, smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa are becoming popular gift items among friends and family.

As frivolous as the idea of an automated home might seem, you would be surprised to know how much more security and comfort you can add to your home by making it just a little “smarter” than it already is. In addition, smart home devices are much more fun. Controlling lights and AC with a voice command can make you feel like living in future.  

Here’s our list of the top 10 gift ideas for your friends who love their smart homes and could do with more!


1. A smart lock

Keyless smart locks can lend smart homes that edge on security and peace while the owners are home or away. Once installed, with the use of an iOS or Android app, the doors can be controlled, locked or unlocked from anywhere.

Most of the new generation smart locks can be attached to existing key locks too. Smart locks like August or Nest also provide limited key access when you have guests and auto-locking feature after a set time.


2. A smart thermostat

An excellent gift for friends this winter is a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you can easily customize a schedule for heating or cooling of the entire home from anywhere using an app on your smartphone.

These thermostats also have sensors that check outside temperature and set the temperature inside home accordingly. Not to mention that your friends will thank you for the amount of energy (and money) you help them save in their monthly heating and air conditioning bills!


3. A smart speaker

Gift your friends a smart, wireless home audio system that can make their smart home voice-enabled. Smart speakers can play their favourite music, control lighting system or virtually control the entire home with simple voice commands.

There’s a whole range of speakers available; from Sonos One to Amazon to Chromecast, you name it! Although a slightly expensive gift, it will take your friends’ smart home experience to a new level.


4. Smart home controlling hub

The best gift of the lot to any smart homeowner would be a versatile smart home controlling hub. Smart home hubs like B.One Eazy bring all appliances of the home under one control that is right on your smartphone.

That means you can control your entire home by using a single hub and don’t need different apps for different appliances. Imagine getting tea ready in the kettle, turning on your favourite music and putting on those dim yellow lights as you get back home from the office, all in one go.

The B.One Eazy Hub is just that! It’s powerful technological features allow it to be app controlled, voice controlled, communicate with a range of appliances of different brands while also tracking energy usage of your home, saving you a lot of energy every month. Christmas couldn’t get better for your friends!


5. A smart kettle

Spread warmth, gift a smart tea kettle! This is the ultimate gift for the cold winters. Smart kettles are app controlled and voice-controlled allowing you to get tea ready from anywhere.

“Make me a cup of tea” is all it would take to get a cup of tea ready just as you or your friends would like it.


6. Smart lights or LED light strips

What is Christmas without the lights?! LED light strips make a great, fun gift to light up the home during the holidays.

These lights can be app or voice controlled and you can choose from whole ranges that include different coloured lights, twinkling patterns, design and a lot more.



7. Smart security system

The smart home security devices make a great gift for friends. It is a gift of peace of mind. Especially for friends who travel a lot or who just love holidaying, a security system can make the best gift.


8. Smart TV

Smart TVs are just brilliant! They stream 4K and HDR movies with aplomb and are loaded with exciting features. They can be plugged into any HDMI port or connected to Wi-fi to stream into Netflix, Youtube or their likes.

Most new smart TVs are voice controlled too. So, you can get lazier on the couch and command the TV to play what you like or even order a pizza. Programs recording features and pausing options are great too.


9. Smart plugs

If you haven’t heard of the smart plugs yet, you are in for an amazing surprise! Smart plugs can automate any dumb appliance like the coffee kettle or desk lamp so they get voice enabled as well as app controlled.

Isn’t that cool? Gift these fun smart plugs that are compatible with a whole lot of smart home hubs to friends or family this Christmas.



10. Smart Oven

For your friends who work crazy hours and find no time to cook a decent meal for themselves, this gift is apt.

Smart ovens these days are so powerful, they can recognize the food you put inside them and automatically cook it as desired. They can cook 100 different kinds of foods and identify more than 50 types of raw materials. The ovens can be operated from anywhere and can be voice controlled too. Can this get any better?