Use your smartphone to change channels on your Foxtel box

How often do you have a problem with your Foxtel remote not working! This is one of the most frequent problems with physical remotes and people always end up buying multiple non-standard universal tv remotes for their convenience.

Would it not be great, if all you had to do was open a single app and control everything with a tap of a button? But, is that even possible? Foxtel has its own mobile app, but what if you want to control more than just your TV. 

Using B.One Eazy, you can control your climate, lights, entertainment units and many more. It can connect to more than 200,000 different home devices. It’s your all in one smart home controller.

Here, we will specifically look at the Foxtel box and how you can change channels on your Foxtel box using B.One App without having to use Foxtel remote or app.

Setting Up Foxtel Remote on B.One App.

Before you begin, you need to :

Once you have successfully connected B.One App with the B.One Eazy, follow the steps below:

  1. Go To Devices
  2. Click on Add Device
  3. Go To IR Remote
  4. Go To DTH by Provider
  5. Select your country to AUS (You will be able to see Foxtel-TV option)
  6. Click on Foxtel – TV
  7. Give your remote a name
  8. You are all ready to start using the remote.

Ways of changing the channel in Foxtel box

B.One App provides you with 3 different options to control your Foxtel Remote:

  1. Search and switch to any channel with one click
  2. App version of the physical remote with all the standard controls
  3. Create your own steps of actions and perform them with a single click or voice commands.

The benefit of controlling your Foxtel box with B.One App are:

  1. Easier and quicker option to switch channels rather than browsing through the list on TV.
  2. Ability to control your TV using VOICE commands on Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
  3. Set schedules for your channels based on your favourite programs.
  4. Control your entire experience with B.One App rather than just channels.