6 Ways How Smart Homes Provide “Peace Of Mind”

How Smart Homes Provide “Peace Of Mind”

The global home automation market is a thriving sector today. Do you know why smart homes have gained so much popularity in the past few years? The reason is much more than mere attraction towards living in a hi-tech, fantasy-like home.

Smart homes are time and again proving out to be a more serious investment in terms of saving energy and more importantly, enjoying extraordinary peace of mind.

Smart home technology has evolved beautifully over the years to provide complete security and safety at home along with making life easier. Smart security devices keep home secure from intruders as well as from dangers like floods, fire, power shortage, etc.

‘Peace of mind’ stems from an assurance that your loved ones are safely back home. According to a survey, 59% smart homeowners made the switch owing to the peace of mind smart homes offer1. Let’s see how.

1. Control your home from anywhere

The smart home security system comes in the form of an integrated unit of smart surveillance cameras, motion sensors, smart locks and alarms. These are connected to a central controlling hub that is easily manageable from anywhere in the world through a smartphone app.


Smart Home From Anywhere


From your phone or tablet, you can control who comes in and who doesn’t, lock your garage or front door, safely get your kids into home and lock up as soon as they are in, be alerted in case of fire or smoke or flood and take care of a lot of other security issues.



2. Be alerted of dangers well in time

In addition to surveillance, a lot of smart home security systems come integrated with flood detectors, CO detectors, smoke or fire detectors, and indoor pollutant monitors. These systems not only prevent break-ins but also protect you and your family from looming dangers.


danger alert



These security systems can also be configured to alert nearest police authorities or firemen in case of emergencies. In fact, more sophisticated IFTTT based security systems can even control other devices in emergencies.

For example, your indoor pollutant monitor can detect unusually high levels of toxic pollutants like carbon monoxide and automatically trigger windows to open and alert you the same.


3. Visually monitor your loved ones

Smart surveillance cameras can be fitted indoors and outdoors and built into intercoms to be able to communicate with anyone at home.


CCtv Camera



These come particularly in use when you have young kids getting back home from school while you are at work or old parents at home. With strategically placed cameras, you can deter potential criminals by receiving alerts on your phone in case of a breach. Stay informed and never be out of the loop with smart security systems.

4. Keep a check on your appliances


Worried whether the iron is left on while the children are around? Or, losing a lot of money on energy expenditure? Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has noted a 26% jump in energy expenditure over the last 10 years2.

Research shows that 75% of the energy consumption of an appliance comes from when it is turned off. And all of these add up to make 10% of your electricity bill3. Intelligent control of heating, cooling, lighting and managing appliances helps saving up to 25% on energy expenditure4.

Apart from the money that you can save, getting to control all your appliances remotely can help you manage your household without actually being there. You also do not need to worry about younger children fiddling with the washing machine or dishwasher, protecting them from possible accidents at home.


5. Take better care of older parents or sick members through assisted living


The importance of smart home technology in assisted living cannot be emphasized more. The Australian rate of one-person households or that of living alone is growing at 24% as per a survey by the Australian Institute of Family Studies5.




These numbers are majorly comprised of older parents choosing to live alone. In fact, a number of older women choose to live alone than older men. Apart from the possible threats that their old parent or parents may have to face, most Australians also worry about the high risk of accidents at home in daily life.

Children living far from their parents wish to make life easier for their parents as well as keep a check on their health and safety.


There are innumerable smart home products out in the market that is designed for assisted living that can make life much simpler and safer for your loved ones. Smart surveillance systems help you remotely monitor who enters your parents’ home or alerts nearby police of break-ins and intrusions automatically.

There are excellent smart monitors that also keep a check on your parents’ health by noting their general movements and activities. Smart kitchen appliances allow you to operate them remotely without worrying about gas leakage or electric short circuits.

Smart homes have definitely brought a transformation in assisted living.


6. Monitor your pets when you are on a holiday



Most Australians are pet owners or pet lovers with more than 60% households owning a pet6. Pet owners today, are welcoming smart home technology that is letting them take better care of their pets when they are away.

Smart cameras installed at home can help owners get a live view of what their pets are up to. They can monitor the food and water intake of their pets and also keep a check on how much they eat owing to the increasing concern over pet obesity.

pet care

Owners away on a holiday can also ensure the safety of their pets from potential dangers like fire, carbon monoxide or other indoor pollutants. They can alert fire service or open the windows to allow fresh air to come in.

There are about 6 million cases worldwide of pets dying when owners are away. Smart homes also let you lock or unlock the door for the dog-sitter remotely and ensure that doors aren’t left ajar.

That smart homes provide peace of mind to the owner is an unquestionable thing. Nothing can equal the feeling of security and safety that smart home technology is capable of providing.

You feel a greater sense of control over your home and your family who you care about the most. A well planned smart home networked intelligently is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.