8 Tips For Living In A Smart Home The Right Way!

8 tips to live in a smart home

Smart homes are not a thing of the future anymore. They are very much here with the promise to change your life. There are a whole lot of advantages of living in a smart home where you can talk to your appliances from anywhere. Nearly everything in your home can be controlled with a smartphone connected to the Internet. Did you know that more than 40% of houses in Australia have at least one smart appliance? The Australian smart home device market has grown by about 55% in the last two years. Pretty soon, Internet of Things (IoT) driven homes will take over where daily activities like turning on/off lights, adjusting the temperature, etc. will be completely hands-free.

Now is the best time to start upgrading your home to a “smarter” version of itself! Here are a few great tips that are easy on your pockets and easier setting up to get you started on your smart home journey.


Start your day with smart assistance

Get yourself a smart buddy in the form of smart assistance products like home automation hubs Google Home or Alexa. These connect to all other devices at home and help you control them remotely. Start off with shooting voice commands at your smart assistant that follow these commands and execute them. You can simply ask for lights to be turned on, your cooling device turned off, blinds opened, washing machine turned on while you enjoy your morning coffee! Smart assistance comes in especially useful while you are away at work. You can remotely get work done at home or monitor your children even in your absence.


Monitor your home while you are away

Smart Security Devices

Smart security camera connected through a home network to keep a tab on what goes on back home is an excellent security measure. Not only does it let you view who’s lurking around your home but also lets you keep your family safe even if you aren’t around. If you don’t want to shell out a bomb for a complete security system, there a plenty of devices like smart cameras, motion sensors and locks available to help you secure and monitor your home in your absence. Smart security devices connect to your Wi-Fi network because of which they accessible from anywhere in the world through an app on your smartphone. Safety first, always.


Make any small device ‘smart’ using smart switches

Smart switches with Z-wave outdoor modules are very useful to fit to small appliances like lights, water pumps, fans, heaters, etc. to be able to control them remotely. Outdoor lights or pool pumps can easily be controlled by your smartphone so that you can turn them on or off from wherever you are.


Be at peace with smart power shutoff system

energy expenditure

Appliances on standby make up to 10% of the total energy expenditure. This standby load, also called “phantom load” or “vampire power” is a major concern for homeowners who are away for work or traveling. Smart home automation allows you to auto switch off appliances on standby or do so remotely. A simple smartphone app allows you to keep a check on what appliances are running on standby mode and shut them off wirelessly.


Automate your existing window blinds

Who cares about automating window blinds when there are so many cool smart gadgets to think about?! But did you know that closing window blinds alone could help reduce energy loss by about 17%? These motorized shades that are connected to a home network of devices through IoT are easy to manage. Thanks to IFTTT, these smart blinds usually come integrated with smart thermostat and lights that automatically close or open depending on whether the heating/cooling device is on or off or, what time of day it is. You can also regulate the amount of natural light you want without moving an inch.


Switch to green energy – use solar power

Solar Energy

Time’s ripe to switch to cleaner, greener forms of energy to help conserve the environment. Smart solar panels produce energy in a sustainable manner and offer a great deal of benefits. Primarily, switching to solar energy helps you save a whole lot of energy. In fact, you produce your own energy for your home. What’s more? You also get incentives for using solar power at home and several tax benefits. Solar panels integrated to smart home automation make the best energy-saving combination. Solar panels for homes come in a range of aesthetic designs that fit right on the roof and look elegant all the same.


Clean up your place with smart vacuum cleaners

Keep your home clean with minimal effort using robot vacuum cleaners. They navigate their way around the house and clean up while they are at it. Loaded with cameras and sensors, these mini devices are actually one of the most useful smart appliances. If you take a look at Roomba, a small circular robot that works on artificial intelligence, it can “learn” cleaning schedules and start cleaning the house at programmed times. Smart robot cleaners help maintain a clean house without you needing to even lift a finger.


Monitor the quality of the air you breathe at home

Smart air monitors

Smart air monitors detect dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, allergens, and pollutants in the air and alarm you immediately. They keep an eye over your home when you are away. Especially with children or elderly at home, alone, smart air monitors come in useful to alert you if any air quality parameter is off its usual level.

Turning your home into a smart home is easier today than ever. There are a wide range of technology and products available in the market to choose from. Smart devices come in all sizes, strengths, and affordability as per your comfort. Gift yourself peace of mind by upgrading to a smart home that helps you keep your family secure, save money on energy and make everyday life comfortable.